Sunday, June 24, 2012


Happy Sunday and of course happy summer! It sure is hot here in Texas and I am cautiously watching Tropical Storm Debby. I would love the rain but that is about it. My house barely survived Ike 4 years ago... don't want to experience that ever again!

On to the important stuff... I actually touched the computer for work purposes today. Shocker! I have literally not done anything work related for almost 3 weeks. I was burnt out to say the least but I am slowly getting inspired to create.


Towards the end of the year I started working on this Olivia packet to go with my Texas Treasures Unit 6 week 1 activities. I have said it before that I love Treasures but still like to add a little flare of my own to their activities. Go on over to my store to pick up these Olivia supplemental activities.

First two to comment will get my packet for FREE!!

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  1. I love Olivia! So do my firsties! :-)