Sunday, June 3, 2012

My boxes are packed...

The end has finally come! I was so ready for a break. I had a few boys that were really trying my patience and I think they needed a break just as much as I did. At the end of the year we are busy with awards, field day, and packing up our rooms.My favorite end of year event is the talent show. My teammates and I have been performing for years. We have done Thriller where we dressed up as zombies... even my principal did it with us! Last year we did our own version of the hit Youtube video Evolution of Dance. And this year we decided to Party Rock to Kidzbop's Party Rock Anthem. It's a little bittersweet as this will be our last year all together. One of our teammates is moving to teach Junior High (bless her heart)! Rumor has it that a few of us might be moved around to another grade also but final decisions haven't been made. I am crossing my heart that I am not moved. I love my first graders.

 We have to pack everything up and put it away because all the furniture is taken out of our rooms and the carpet is supposedly steam cleaned.  This year I had some extra stress while packing because it is my school's turn to host the summer school for the entire district. Yup. A stranger will be in my classroom for a whole month and will have access to all of my things. Nothing strikes fear in your heart like the thought of a stranger being in and around your stuff. I feel like my personal space is being invaded. I went and bought padlocks for most of my cabinets and then put chart paper around areas that I couldn't lock up. It is U-G-L-Y!

I see so many people posting about leaving their rooms as they are and not having to worry about summer school in their rooms. I am double jealous! 

I need to go to sleep now though because the bright person I am signed up for a 3 day math training for our new math TEKS. It sounded so great in April but now I am rethinking it!

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