Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Currently

Hello Strangers! I have clearly been absent since August... I am very overwhelmed this year. Even after 9 years you can get overwhelmed by it all. I have 25 firsties this year... which in Texas is over the 22:1 limit. Help will be on the way in January so I have to survive 6 more weeks with my 15 boys and 10 girls. 15 boys should just be illegal.

I have also been lucky enough to mentor a wonderful intern this Fall. She is fabulous and will be the teacher that we are adding to our team in January. So, even though I am so overwhelmed with 25 kids I keep looking around my room thinking about which 6 are going to be moved to her room. I am very attached and it just breaks my heart to think that they won't be mine anymore, but it is what is best for those kids. They deserve to be in a classroom where they can have more teacher attention than they are currently receiving.

My son also started Kindergarten this year. That is a huge adjustment that I was NOT prepared for. He is having a very long day and is absolutely exhausted by the end of it.... He is way over being at school when I am still there working on lesson plans and paperwork... oh the paperwork this year is INSANE.

But enough complaining.... here is my November Currently....

I am so looking forward to the week before Thanksgiving. I am taking back over from my Intern that week. I haven't taught in 6 weeks and boy do I miss it. I have been doing more behavior management for one particular student that is having an especially hard time adjusting to the demands of first grade. But the biggest part of Thanksgiving week is the Scholastic Book Fair is at our library. We end the week with a fun Book Character Day. I can't wait to share our idea but it is always a BIG secret until that morning so I can't share but will blog about it later.

I hope to not be as absent in the future. I love blogging and have kept up with reading the fantastic things that everyone is doing and I get so inspired by everyone. Hope everyone has a great first weekend of November.

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