Wednesday, December 28, 2011

11 in '11

I completely stalk  Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher. She is the reason I am picking up blogging in the first place. All that said... I am going to join in on her little linky party (Yeah! My first linky party!).

11. Favorite Movie You Watched

I have been in love with this franchise and so sad that it is ending!! This last installment was very true to the book and I think did the whole ending justice! 

10. Favorite TV Series

I am really digging this show! I wasn't going to watch it at first because I hate it when I fall in love with a show during the first season and then it gets canceled. Around Thanksgiving a good friend of mine from high school kept talking about it and luckily I had recorded it on my DVR. (Thank goodness for DVR). Watch it! Sundays!

9. Favorite Restaurant

This jewel can be found in a suburb to Houston pretty close to my house. It has a playground out front for the kids to play in while you are waiting in line for a table. Plus, they serve you chips and hot sauce while you wait! Score!! I am in love with the fajita rolled tacos. You should come to Houston right now and go here!

8. Favorite New Thing You Tried

That has to be Pinterest! It led me to such fabulous ideas and such fabulous teachers out there that inspire me to up my game a little bit. Plus, I enjoy knowing that there are other people out there that understand everything that a teacher goes through.

7. Favorite Gift You Received

A gift card to Barnes and Noble! I can spend hours in Barnes and Noble and always find something new for me, my boys and my classroom. I really should buy stock in B & N. That way I could earn money off of myself.

6. Favorite Thing You Pinned

My boys are loving Superheroes right now and I had the bright idea to buy them each a personalized cape for Christmas. It worked out great! I even ordered some for my niece and nephew! They all had so much fun running around on Christmas being superheroes! Check out Power Capes!

5. Favorite Blog Post

A friend of mine from high school wanted to start a teaching blog as well so she asked if I would put a few entries in also. So I got my feet wet with her by blogging here at Not Just for Elementary . The favorite post I wrote was about Crate Seats. I LOVE THEM!

4. Favorite Accomplishment

Umm.... well.... I survived the year that was 2011!

3. Favorite Picture

My boys. Nuff said. 

2. Favorite Memory

This summer we took my boys to meet my grandparents for the first time in Kansas City. We had the best time and it made my grandparents so happy. Especially my grandmother.... I hadn't seen in her a very long time! 

1. Goal for 2012

In Life: I have recently also gotten on a healthy eating kick and excersising kick. I have lost 25 pounds so far and hope to lose a few (or a lot) more before I turn the big 3-0 this summer. It is lurking out there.... the 3-0.

In School: Writing. It is not my favorite. We need to do more of it. We already do a lot more of it this year but I still need to get more creative with it. 

So that's it. My 11 in 2011. Hope you enjoyed!