Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blogging World... I am here!

Well..... let's see how this goes...... I am addicted to teaching blogs. I admit it. I am an addict.

I discovered blogs this summer when I stumbled upon a neat little website entitled Pinterest. Click HERE to follow me! Pinterest and teaching blogs have changed my whole outlook on teaching.

I have another addiction that I need to confess.... I am completely and utterly addicted to teaching and all the things that come with it. I love to create lessons.... steal borrow ideas that I find.... generally everything about teaching. I have been teaching for 8 years now all at the same school. I have been in first grade for 7 years and there was a little blip in 2nd but I came to my senses and returned to my love..... first grade.

Funny story about how I got into first grade.... During my student teaching semester, I had to teach a math lesson to a little group of first graders. Basically my little group of student teaching classmates and myself went into this first grade classroom for about a half hour to practice doing a little math game with ACTUAL children. I ended up with two little boys and here we are sitting on the floor ordering numbers together. The classroom teacher is watching me with these boys and so is my adviser when boy #1 decides to start rolling all over the floor. I don't panic but try to redirect his attention because all eyes are literally on me. Then boy#2 wants to join in on the fun! I. WANT. TO. DIE. at this point. Slowly we get back on task while I am trying to fight back the tears that are threatening to poor over my eyelids. After an eternity, we are finally released to go back to our own classroom to discuss what we learned from our little experience of the day. I am crying once I get back to the room thinking I can't do this. I can never be a teacher. I have wasted 4 years of my life on this and not mention all the money. My adviser pulls me aside and compliments me on how well I handled the boys and was proud that I had gotten both boys on task. These boys come to find out were the worst behaved in the class (of course! let's put them in a group together and let this little student teacher drown!) and had severe learning disabilities. I swore from that day on I would NEVER..... repeat... NEVER be in a room with first graders ever again....

Fast forward a few months.... what job am I offered.... FIRST GRADE. I take it thinking I can do anything for a year. I need to just open my mind and jump in feet first. I did. I. LOVE. FIRST. GRADE!

That is a little bit about me. I hope you start following me and I hope to be able to share my ideas as much as I copy learn from you!

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